Whitewater Kayaking

On the Esopus


The fully loaded

Kayaking Package Offers…

Inflatable Kayak and Paddle, Life vest, Helmet, Wetsuit, & One-time Kayak Taxi Transportation

$70.00 Per Day

*No other discounts applicable for this Package!   


For the more experienced white water enthusiasts the Town Tinker rents AIRE’s Tributary Series, Tomcat Solo Inflatable Kayaks.


General Requirements:

Only one (1) person per kayak – NO EXCEPTIONS! Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult renting their

own kayak to participate.   

Last Rentals at 3:00PM




We are also a certified AIRE dealer where you can order any of their boats from inflatable kayaks to top of the line rafts. Stop in to check out AIRE’s full product line.

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